Toroidalia Skinny

$ 80.00

Dolphin Rings

Made in Vancouver; 100% silk, hand rolled hem, 180cm x 18cm

There exists a strange and wonderful phenomenon exhibited by intelligent beings at depths shallow enough for our eyes to see. Skilful in nature, visually eloquent and profound in creativity, it is one of the most fascinating occurrences exhibited by any group of creatures inhabiting this vast and wondrous kingdom. With the ingenuity of a glassblower, and the precision of a physicist, a single breath is shot into a spinning vortex, and carved into a circular ring that expands as it shoots upwards to the waters surface. A second before this sculpture disintegrates it is caught and re-worked into a new masterpiece of equal magnificence and endurance. Some put this playful scene down to amusement. We call it true creativity.

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