Natascha Mehrabi unites the technical precision of science, the beauty of art, the craftmenship of design, and a lasting reverence for the natural world. The clothing line and its philosophy were born out of our founders passion for endangered environments and the power of visual medium.

Seeing the power of art and design Natascha began to create her own illustrations to portray the beauty of nature. In 2016 she launched her debut collection ‘Oceania’ inspired by the ocean’s majestic creatures. With her focus on environmental impact she chose to use her designs to support causes while using sustainable production processes.

The Persian name Mehrabi means ‘radiant like the sun’. Growing up in the Middle East and South Asia greatly influenced Natascha's outlook on the world as a connected fusion of beauty and equality. These cultural references weave through her work and forms a basis for the bold patterns and striking illustrations used in her collections.

About the artist

Natascha spent her childhood painting, sculpting and creating textures to imprint her surroundings. An unresolvable love for nature led her to study biology and conservation at the University of Oxford. She holds a Masters in Science Communication from Imperial College London, and worked for several non-governmental organisations and charities in the environmental sectors.

About the designer

Natascha’s draws the inspiration for her collections from alpine ridges, magical forests and the wild isolated coastlines of Canada where she now resides. Following the tradition set by the great fashion houses of the past, Natascha oversees each detail of the productions process. Every step is meticulously checked to meet the highest standards of quality, design and sustainability.

In her debut collection, Oceania, the ancient world beneath the waves bursts into life with bright bold colours, sensationally striking illustrations, and a message to take appreciate the beauty that covers 70% of our planet’s surface.