Our fashion line was born out of the desire to create beautifully made, meaningful accessories that last through the seasons. Inspired by nature our designs are printed on the softest natural fabrics using environmentally sensitive practices. We make products of the finest quality that are built to last.


Our philosophy is based on the motto 'REWILD. SUSTAIN. EMPOWER' and is woven into everything we say, do and create.


Rewilding is not just about being in nature, it is about finding your wilderness and fully immersing yourself in it. Our brand represents nature’s patterns, textures and fabrics. Our products embody the waves, the skies, the forests and soils.


Sustainability is about making high quality clothes that have positive environmental and social impacts. We are committed to sourcing, dying and producing clothes that fit with this philosophy.

We work with small local manufacturers using natural and organic fabrics that are digitally printed with toxic free water based inks. Our manufacturers are certified in globally recognised standards of environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing (GOTS) and ink printing (OEKO-TEX).

Our policy focusses on six of the most pressing environmental fashion issues of today:

- Protecting water supplies

- Avoiding harmful pesticides

- Reducing fabric waste

- Using water based, non-toxic dyes

- Creating quality products built to last


We believe strongly in empowering people to protect nature . All of our collections are inspired by a unique environmental issue that needs support. We give to each of these causes directly and share a significant proportion of our profits with people and institutions fighting for the preservation of our natural systems. By buying our products you directly give back.